Ben-toes New Kingdom Knights Part 1

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Ben-to New Kingdom Knights Part 1

With the tea in his hand the old geezer started talking.

” Oshiro Masayoshi was my senpai many years ago and he had told me his story as proof of being his successor. Though even today I never would have given myself the credit to do so. His assurance was however that if he would find a worthy successor he would surely return. Superstition aside or even believing in ghost, He stood there some weeks ago, watching you as you got beaten to the ground.

It was the first time he showed himself and has surprised you as well, but it didn’t stop him from showing his face and swing that stick of his around, every time you would come here to test your strength.

Yes that is the youngster’s way these days. To test your strength and have the bento as your prize.

Thought the real start of it all was Oshiro. He was an honest student and thought that things should be fair. And if by any way it wasn’t fair rules needed to be created to make it fair. If you ask me he just loved the easy life and spend most his free time relaxing under a tree.

One day during his school days he entered one of the supers to get himself something to eat. Now he may not have been a grand figure or look very strong, but he had his smarts and some background in man styles of fighting.

Anyway. As he entered and walked towards the cooling area he heard some ruckus and loud voices coming from around the corner of his aisle. Soon as he came out in the open he saw the shop owner thrown to the floor in a corner, rubbing his red face. Within a group of a couple of delinquents was a boy dressed in his school uniform.

In his arms he held a bento box. And as it seemed it was one of the last ones.

The groups yelled down at him.

“Oi, give me that bento punk. It is the best one left out here and I want it.” His Pompadour flushed against the forehead of his victim, as he kept his hands in his pocket. A chain hung from his back pocket and the sidekicks all had matching leather jackets, minus the spikes on their shoulder. That was only for the biggest of bullies.

Oshiro couldn’t have that, being the righteous one and a knight of justice. He stepped in and picked up another bento box. And smiled wryly. “Oh got the last one, Lucky.”

He then turned around towards the highschooler and asked which one he had. Thus interrupting the bullying.

“Hey you, who the hell are you? Can’t you see I am negotiating here. And that bento your holding is for my boy here.”

“Yeah it is ours”

“Right boss”

It was his honesty that got him in to trouble may time before. It still never stopped him from standing up and defend his beliefs.

“Really, then why did they not pick it up and hold it in their basket.”

-“Huh! What you saying? I told you right now to leave it and fuck off.” Pompadour was getting angrier and placed his face close to Oshiro.

The old man took a breather and a sip of his tea and twitched the corner of his mouth. Or rather smiled in a good, yet ominous way.

The geezer let out a puff and relaxed before continuing his story.

“You see the story as it was told to me was about Oshiro trying to leave with the bento in his hand and stopped by one of the lackeys. This very moment he lifted his knee into this boy coming at him, who then fell on his knees with hands clasping the nuts. Fun parts may have been added about the boys expression being that of a dumbfound monkey. Eyes peeled out and mouth a perfect circle, like a hole of a doughnut. But we men may have had the experience of having that face as well after a kick to our shortest leg.

Needless to say the pompadour said to more of his men to retrieve the bento. It was a brutal fight to where Oshiro didn’t get out unscathed. The bento was shaken back and forth between hands while punches were dealt and received.

Still he never gave up and was left standing alone holding a bento in his hands. An eyes was shut tight and blood trickled from his lips while he looked at the only one left to bully.

With trembling legs pompadour knew he had made a mistake, though he was sure of victory when it came to numbers. He had his back arched back before he looked at his fallen brothers with a deep sigh. “Pick your asses up, we are getting out of here. There is nothing to gain from this super. The food is grappy anyway.!”

As they picked themselves up they held each other up as they left the store.

Oshiro had a smug on his face, reaching out his hand to the fallen boy who was bullied to leave his bent. “Come let us eat brother, our half priced bento.”

Soon as word came out pompadour’s gang had lost to a single brat there were other who thought they could come in and own the half priced bento of that super. Days went by where there was a fight for the bento. And at some point it became to obtain the laurelled one.

As righteous as Oshiro was he became known as Arthur. He came up with the idea to keep it fair after letting a man walk away from the fight with a bento in his hand. Those who obtain a bento shall not be harmed. Don’t take more than you can eat. We all fought for ourselves.

Clearly even pompadour was often coming back to try and get his revenge only to be overwhelmed by the amount of people who wanted to test their strength.

Knights of the round with righteous Arthur at the helm. Would spread throughout supers to keep things honest.

Those were fun days and slowly the knights declined as we gotten older.”

The old man looked down in his almost empty cup and sighed deeply. He rolled around with a flick of his wrist and took the last sip of tea. Eyes felt sad as they stared at Satou who was listening carefully to understand how his meddling with the wolves came to this point. The old man started to go on with his story.

To be continued…

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There may be some changes round here. As to how what and when, I am not sure.

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